Bourgoin Verjus 5L BiB

Bourgoin Verjus 5L BiB

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Dont know Verjus? It's known as the god level cocktail ingredient. Bourgoin Cognac Verjus is a grape juice made from Ugni Blanc grapes collected during early harvest. With a pH of 2.5, Verjus is a perfect substitute for lemon juice, can be used in salads, pairs amazingly well with oysters or as a bright light addition to a soda or tonic. All natural, all ethical acid lipsmacker

About Bourgoin 
The Bourgoin family estate is based in Saint-Saturnin, a classic medieval village in the Charente department in southwestern France, not far from the town of Cognac. The family has supplied cognac as a negociant to some of the the most famous cognac brands since the 1930's. Now the younger, innovative family members, Frederic Bourgoin, and his sister Maëlys, create biodynamic cognacs, expressive of the local terroir, that are being used in restaurants and bars around the world. 

Soils are treated with mystical and fascinating arrays of ingredients, Their vines are sown, pruned and harvested according to the phases of the moon, and  organic, sustainable agricultural practices are carried out in all stages of production. Even the water used in their Cognac production is collected from the rain which falls on their estate, and they use ‘nothing but gravity’ in their bottling practices.

Their vineyards are planted with Ugni blanc grapes. The low density of planting, at about 2750 plants per hectare, allows each vine to give 6kg of very acidic grape.





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